3. Compare two indicators

Scatter-plot is a kind of chart that compares two indicators, represented on the x (horizontal) and y (vertical) axis. Each country appears as a point whose coordinates are its values on the two selected indicators.

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Definitions and scopes

Definitions and scopes:

% of internet users uploading self-created content to be shared

  • Definition and scope: Individuals using internet in the last 3 months, aged 16-74. Self-created content include: text, images, photos, videos, music, etc. uploaded to any website. Biennial indicator not collected in 2011.
  • Source: Eurostat - Community survey on ICT usage in Households and by Individuals [More Information]

% of Large enterprises that share internally electronic information on sales/purchases

  • Definition and scope: Information on sales/purchases is shared electronically and automatically with the software used for any internal function as: the management of inventory levels, the accounting system, the production management or the distribution management. Enterprises with 250 or more persons employed. All manufacturing and service sectors, excluding the financial sector. Breaks in series because until 2008 economic activities according to NACE Rev 1.1 and from 2009 data are based on NACE Rev.2. 2010 data include also sector S 95.1-Repair of computers and communication equipment.
  • Source: Eurostat - Community survey on ICT usage and eCommerce in Enterprises [More Information]

Consult the list of available indicators, their definition and sources.

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