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This bar-chart allows you to select one indicator, one year, and see which countries are leading the league. You can also check if the ranking of countries has changed over the last few years. Countries are always ordered according to their score. You can also select or de-select countries in order to visualise only those you are interested in.

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Definitions and scopes

Definitions and scopes:

% of basic public services for enterprises, which are fully available online

  • Definition and scope: % of public services for enterprises out of a basket of 8 basic services (social contributions, corporate tax, VAT, company registration, statistical data, customs declaration, environment-related permits, public procurement) for which the entire procedure can be completed online
  • Source: eGovernment Benchmarking Report, Study for the EC realised by Capgemini (2001-2010 data) [More Information]

Consult the list of available indicators, their definition and sources.

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